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Andrew Nguyen

Real Estate Expert


Andrew Nguyen’s approach to Real Estate focuses on leveraging both technology and systems thinking to deliver the best possible service to his clients. Prior to his career in residential Real Estate he created a Real Estate lead generation company that performed multivariate analysis of Direct Mail pieces in order to generate 8 times the industry average response rate. His success at lead generation and marketing along with his lifelong interest in Real Estate inspired him to go even further to help his clients find the homes of their dreams—as a full service REALTOR. His background in computer science, business, and law, grants him a unique insight into the needs and wants of both his software engineering and business clients. Growing up in the bay area he attended Saratoga Schools before receiving his degree in Legal Studies with a Business Administration minor from the University of California Berkeley. Having lived and worked in the South Bay, East Bay, Peninsula and San Francisco, he has gained a lifetime of experience evaluating the neighborhoods and assessing the Real Estate trends for the world’s largest technology hub.

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