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Brian Avila



My name is Brian Avila. Though I am relatively new to the real estate industry, I’m looking forward to mastering my craft.

I graduated high school at 16 years of age — ahead of my class and as valedictorian and keynote speaker. I have about six years of customer service experience, three of which I worked in the financial industry as a licensed professional. Now, I am licensed in over 10 states.

Growing up, my family didn’t have a lot; I am therefore passionate about helping others with whatever they have and providing whatever addition I can bring to the table. I am not afraid to take risks. I am outspoken and very competitive — as long as integrity comes first.

I spend my free time outdoors or with my family. I enjoy working out, visiting new places, and finding ways to improve myself and my life. I’m all about cultivating my leadership abilities as well as that in others.

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