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Lauara Batra

Real Estate Expert


With over a century of rich family history over both “sides of the hill” Laura Batra is in a unique position to serve both the Silicon Valley and Coastal communities west of the Santa Cruz mountains. The story of how the South Bay grew from the Valley of Heart’s Delight to become the entrepreneurial and innovative tech capital of the world is inextricably linked to her father’s Italian heritage. Likewise, the journey of how a tiny seaside logging, fishing, and resort town became a premier vacation destination with a highly sought-after university inspired her move back closer to her maternal roots.

Today, Laura’s own past experience in the Tech Industry and Analytics gives her the ability to approach Real Estate from a highly strategic and methodical perspective, while her background in Recruitment and Training allow her to deliver a customer-centric experience. Her coming of age in the intensely entrepreneurial Silicon Valley environment shaped her focused work ethic, while raising her family by the sea has taught her that the fulfillment of finding a lifestyle and community that feed your soul is just as important as achievement.

A mother of one two-legged child and two four-legged children, Laura loves reading, walking with her family on the beach, surf fishing with her husband or father, cooking up a storm, and trying to entice Monarch butterflies and hummingbirds to visit her yard. When she isn’t enjoying the abundant natural beauty the Santa Cruz and Monterey coastline have to offer (and when there isn’t a pandemic), she adores spending time with friends and family in the South Bay Area, and traveling to see friends and family who live farther away.

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