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Natalie Brumley

Real Estate Expert

Natalie Brumley


Natalie Brumley became a real estate professional because she loves helping people. A warm and energetic person, Natalie thrives when she’s building relationships, and she treats all of her clients like family. Her clients trust her too, because with Natalie, what you see is what you get. And what her clients see is a real estate professional who’s caring, committed, and authentic.

Natalie’s decade of experience in home insurance and title escrow sets her apart from other agents. Since she has a deep understanding of various aspects of the industry, Natalie can answer any questions her clients may have about the process. There’s also the customer service aspect of the job, which Natalie finds deeply fulfilling. Nothing excites her more than handing the keys over to new homeowners and seeing big smiles on their faces. It’s one of the many perks of her job.

Since Natalie loves being around people, her homelife is also full and lively. She and her husband have built a large, loving home in Los Gatos, with seven beautiful children and a playful pup named Georgia. In her free time, Natalie enjoys hiking, cooking, entertaining, and volunteering. Also passionate about making an impact on women’s lives through volunteering, Natalie currently leads a chapter of the Helping One Woman charitable organization.

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