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Tammie Trinh

Real Estate Expert



Tammie graduated from San Jose State University with a degree in Business Management. Throughout her 8 years in the high tech industry, she has played a role as Customer Product Consultant Engineer in partnering with vendors and customers, as well as startup companies. With her vast experience, Tammie realized the importance of perseverance, and how investment in real estate can help open doors for financial stability and make people’s dreams come true. As a licensed Real Estate Professional and with an exceptional Mortgage Consultant background, Tammie understands that there are many different motivations behind a client’s real estate transaction— whether it’s wanting to build a stronger financial foundation, enhance their investment portfolio, prepare for their family’s future, or get ready for retirement. From first time homebuyers to CEOs, Tammie treats every client with respect and takes time to understand their unique real estate goals and needs.

While working ten years in the mortgage industry, she partnered with hundreds of realtors to advise the best possible affordability for their customers. She realized with her industry knowledge, stellar analytical and negotiation skills, and extensive sales and customer service experience translated into working closely with people on a personal level as a professional real estate agent. Tammie has excelled in the industry with her proven ability to provide financing advice and one-on-one support to assist clients with buying the perfect home. Additionally, she has extensive knowledge in working with homeowners to provide an in-depth property comparative analysis and enhance the marketability for best and highest home profitability. Dedicated to presenting a full-service experience to her clients, whether they are buying or selling, Tammie treats every real estate transaction as if it were her own home.

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