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"I Trusted Her So Much"

To successfully purchase in the Silicon Valley, you NEED to work with Nneka Jenkins. She is very knowledgeable of the Bay Area trends and works with your preferences to find your exact match. Nneka is patient and detail oriented. She knew exactly what I needed and I trusted her so much that I took every piece of advice she gave me. Through persistence and tenacity, we were able to find my new home (it wasn't even listed on MLS yet) and close in 9 days! You read that right, 9 days! That is unheard of in the Silicon Valley. However Nneka has an all-star team that makes the escrow process smooth and bearable. We worked closely to ensure I had everything ready to go - I believe this made my offer competitive and desirable. Nneka works all hours to be available for any and all questions. She was able to put an offer together and utilizes e-sign programs which saved me time and stress. Though we've already closed and I'm literally typing this from my new living room, Nneka is still my go to person for advice with trusted contractors, handymen, and home resources. Nneka is a full service operation and you will NOT be disappointed when working with her.

- Lizelle B.

"Brad Did a Great Job"

Brad did a great job managing the sale of my home getting the highest price possible in the shortest period of time. I would recommend Brad for anyone selling their property in Silicon Valley.

- Ron R.

"Streamlined process"

Knowledgeable, Resourceful, Responsive, Assertive, Articulate, Honest, Flexible … Nneka synthesizes objective (data) and subjective well to recommend what would be attractive offer terms. In cases where I want a second opinion on a report, she even referred her personal contractor to speak with me to help clarify. Her team would also help check local laws on in-law units etc as it is a common feature in the downtown SJ neighborhood. She is incredibly responsive and if she has not replied to an email or text, one knows she is in a critical meeting/event. She is assertive and articulate to get an opportunity to present in situations where one may need to pre-empt an offer. She is respectful and honest on whether a property is even worth our consideration and in our offer range or not. She is flexible and approachable. She has come to show me a home late in the evening, with her family in tow. That takes a lot of commitment from the whole family. The office team that supported her had a streamlined process to put the offer packet together and ensured it got done some days if they had to stay late.

- Vinodhini S.

"Always one step ahead"

Working with Amber was a fantastic experience. Her enthusiasm and desire to find us the right home was evident in every interaction. Ultimately, she located our dream home and worked closely with the sellers on a smooth transaction that left both parties happy. I'm a type-A personality. That said, it was important for me to understand the details of every step of the search and the actual purchasing process. Amber was not only patient, but she was also always on top of next steps and proactive with her communication. This was extremely helpful and brought a level of ease knowing our agent was always one step ahead. I would, and do, recommend Amber to anyone in need of an agent!

- Client

"We got a new friend"

When we were doing a search for our first home, we were very confused. When we wanted to put an offer for a home, the realtor asked if we were sure, we weren't. At this point, Tony was introduced to us by a close friend. When I first met Tony, the thing that struck most was his friendly demeanor and his intention to strike a personal connection. He understood our requirements and made sure of the priorities. Instead of throwing a big list of properties, he presented us a small set but well-matching homes and followed through with us to understand what worked and what did not work. That's how we narrowed down the home we bought. He was diligent figuring out the pros and cons and presenting to us. He interacted with the homeowner proactively and helped us come up with an offer that worked. This time when we presented our final offer, there was no second guessing as we knew it was the right one! Tony was very instrumental in getting that. Before we had Tony helping us, we felt like a forlorn sailor in the middle of the sea, but with Tony, we felt like sitting by the beachside, nicely relaxing and enjoying the process of buying the home. Our kids are also very fond of Tony and they feel like Tony addressed their wish on the new home, as he listened and explained patiently to them too. All in all, in the process of buying a new home, we got a new friend for the whole family! Also, he helped us in connecting to vendors when we wanted to make some changes

- Chandramouli

"Brett is a treasure"

Sold a home in Willow Glen, San Jose, CA. My mother recently passed away. I knew immediately that I wanted Brett to help me sell her home. Not much impresses me. However, when I met with Brett for our first meeting in this process, he knocked my socks off with his organization, presentation, and professionalism. He was not only full of knowledge, but very compassionate and personable, reducing any/all stress and making me extremely comfortable. He is very supportive of his clients and enthusiastic to help them in any way possible. He has a deep understanding of the market and trends, a strong desire to make all my hopes and dreams a reality, and a keen sensitivity to his customers to make this experience the best possible. His positive attitude extends to his team members, who are just as delightful, respectful, and communicative as Brett! What a team! Brett is a treasure and does a splendid job!

- Jennifer Hunt

"Will work with Chris again"

We have used Chris with 4 of our different home purchase, and we have have been pleased with each of our transactions. I have also referred Chris to our family and friends. Your home is possibly the greatest investment you will have, why not work with a Realtor that knows his stuff. We will work with Chris again.

- Rich M.

"Comfortable and at ease"

We first met Kelly at an open house and immediately fell in love with her personality and willingness to help. My husband and I had been going to open houses for quite some time before we met her and we never really made any connections or contacted any agents we talked to before. With Kelly, we felt very comfortable and at ease. Kelly was very helpful and friendly from the very beginning; she took her time explaining to us about the current market trends and resources we can use to help us find our dream home. We contacted her the next day and we decided that we would want to have her help us in this journey of purchasing our first home. Kelly connected us with other amazing people to help us in this journey (a strong lender and the Brett Jennings team). She was very responsive, truly cares for her clients, knowledgeable about the industry, friendly, passionate, thoughtful, and trustworthy. We were able to purchase our dream home thanks to Kelly and the rest of the team! Not only did we gain a great agent that was a pleasure to work with, we also gained a friend in the process. My entire family and I highly recommend Kelly.

- Client

"More than just an agent"

Where should I start? Nneka is an outstanding agent. She put us at ease from the very start as we were selling our home of 42 years. This was traumatic. Her team of designers, contractors, plumbers, landscapers were amazing. We had a lot of difficult decisions to make and she helped us with all of them. Nneka was courteous and responded quickly to any of our concerns. She also is helping us relocate and has helped us find storage for our 40 years worth of stuff. The remodel the team did is amazing! Absolutely beautiful. From lighting to flooring and everything in between. Kitchen and bathroom remodels are wonderful. She has been more than just an agent. We now consider her and her husband friends of the family. Thank you Nneka!

- Ron E. & Sadie B.

"Still calls us to check"

We were referred to Brett Jennings by a good friend of us. We had a meeting with Brett and he introduced us to Brad Garofalo, our realtor. Buying a home in Silicon Valley is scary, we've heard all kind of stories on how hard and frustrating this process could be for buyers. I'm happy to say that we had none of that, thanks to Brad. He is fabulous! He knows the market, the realtors, the process, the things that could be wrong with a house and it could cost lots of money later. He is always available to show you homes, to answer your questions, to help you make the big decisions. In a market where more than buying a house you are bidding for one, he is really good in telling you when to stop, when you have reached the price limit for a house, he did it twice with us and we will be forever thankful because we got our dream house! Brad was there every step of the way, even after we bought the house, if we needed a designer, contractor, haul away, he helped us to find the right ones. Our escrow closed almost 2 months ago and he still calls us to check on us. Thanks Brad. You're the best!

- Alfredo and Claudia F.

"Would have belonged to someone else"

I bought a property recently with Ms. DeLaere's help as my agent. In short, this property would have belonged to someone else today if it wasn't her intelligence, expertise, dedication, and responsiveness. She acts fast when she sees an opportunity. I was the first to know when the property became available. I thank her for being very fast to act. She knows exactly what needs to be done and when. With many years of experience, she moves things very quickly, professionally, and in a timely manner. She advised me from time to time and reminded me of my rights and what I can and can't do in this purchase. She is definitely on my side when negotiating and I also learned a lot from her. I also realize that she negotiated much better than I could and I am glad I have her on my side. I am a 53-year-old male and I have bought and sold a few homes in the past working with an agent every time. Ms. DeLaere is one of the best as a real estate agent in my mind. Thank you for reading my review.


"Got the house of our dreams"

Tony is a great realtor. I was connected to him via Zillow and wasn't ready at first, but he was helpful and respectful nonetheless. This is why we chose him once we were ready. We were looking in Willow Glen and he is very rooted in that area, so he knew the neighborhoods, schools, and charm well. He was always super responsive and came very prepared to our house viewings. I had a newborn when we were looking who came along at times and Tony was always very patient when we had to take care of the baby. There was one day (sans baby thankfully) that I wanted to look at as many houses as possible, so he scheduled 15 viewings in one day! His energy lasted even longer than my own and he came prepared with a clipboard with info. about each house in the order we'd view them -- it made it very easy for me to track things. And while I was viewing the homes, he helped look for problems and pointed things out I didn't even notice. And in the negotiation process, we were not the highest bidder, but with his assistance, we still got the house of our dreams!! He has stayed in contact since then as well to make sure we got settled okay. Thank you, Tony!

- Jessica

"Seamless operating procedure"

Sold a Single Family home in Blossom Valley, San Jose, CA. The day we interviewed Brett Jennings and his amazing team, was one of the best days of our lives. From day one they went into action on our behalf. Brett listened intently to every one of our wishes for the sale of our house, and for the home, we wished to own. We were hand held every step of the way. Every single question was answered immediately. All our fears were taken into consideration and vanished one by one as we proceeded on. Brett even helped guide us on our design of our fixer home. He was confident in his choices, so that made us confident as well. Brett runs his company like a very solid, competent, exceedingly well-oiled machine. Where one of his team leaves off, the other picks up immediately without hesitation in a seamless operating procedure. On a personal note, they were very compassionate and patient and made us feel like we were the only client. When you hire Brett Jennings and his team, you will be in the most capable of hands.

- Stephanie and Jim W.

"Thorough and expeditious manner"

I have already highly recommended Chris to my friends and counterparts. Trying to find a home while living in Singapore could have been very challenging, Chris has been awesome at following-up on questions and actions in a very thorough and expeditious manner. He was also very good at negotiating with the opposing realtors and ensuring that all details were getting addressed despite my busy schedule. I am a critical judge and rate Chris a "5 out of 5."

- JK

"Great personality"

We met Kelly at an Open House in December while starting our home search. Kelly’s great personality, knowledge of the property, and friendly style instantly put us at ease and made us feel confident. Because of our interaction, we ended up choosing the Brett Jennings Real Estate Experts team to help us buy our first home. Kelly was instrumental in pairing us with our agent, Amber, and also supported us through the whole process. Kelly has a bright career ahead and if you’re looking for an agent and team that will work hard to represent you, whether selling or buying, Kelly and everyone on the Brett Jennings team is your best choice

- Client

"Won’t let you down"

Nneka was amazing with getting multiple competitive offers on our commercial rental, open transparency on both buyer/seller perspective, a firm knowledge of local housing/rental market, an AMAZING negotiator, and was present from day one through to closing. Nneka's style will not let you down. Nneka was attentive throughout every aspect of the loan paperwork, 1031 exchange paperwork, inspection logistics, property marketing and listing, and above all really attentive with all potential offers. Additionally, we received multiple compliments from the current tenants and property manager of how extremely nice, flexible, and open Nneka was throughout the somewhat invading viewing and inspection processes. Nneka won't let you down.

- Shad S.

"No pressure sales approach"

We had the pleasure of working with Brad and team to purchase a new home and sell our current home. From the first time we met Brad at an open house, he impressed us with his friendliness, knowledge and no pressure sales approach which we appreciated as we were just starting to look at houses. Lo and behold, we found a house and needed a realtor, Brad came to mind. He quickly helped us put together an offer, counter offer and navigate the closing process which went smoothly. He then helped us sell our existing house making suggestions on improvements to make it more appealing in this tight housing market. We really appreciated his easy demeanor, sound advice, and knowledge of the market. So if you are looking for a real estate partner, we highly recommend using Brad!

- Gary and Kara W.

"Responsive, Thorough, Patient, and Supportive"

First time home buyers look no further! We were so fortunate to be connected with Amber through an open house. Responsive, thorough, patient, and supportive, Amber took the time to acquaint us with the market, walk us through the home buying process, and ensure we were prepared to give us the best edge in this competitive landscape. With her expertise, strong reputation, and the support of the entire Brett Jennings Real Estate Experts team, we were able to craft a winning offer for the perfect home in the location we wanted.

- Louis Holmes

"More than we expected to get"

Tony really is an exceptional realtor. From the moment we met him through the entire process of our home sale, Tony has been very professional, friendly, and incredibly responsive. Tony was also very patient and understanding during home meetings and walkthroughs, as we have two young children running around during the process! Tony had a very open communication channel, even on weekends. The selling process was relatively smooth and we got more than we expected to get from our home sale (his team is very knowledgeable and informative with housing market trends and projections). My husband and I definitely recommend Tony, and hope to work with him in the future when we purchase a new home.

- Brittany

"Positive and seamless"

Sold a home in Willow Glen, San Jose, CA 95125. We first met Brett when we were thinking about buying a new home and potentially renovating and selling our own. After several months, we decided to hold off but then later realized that our best bet was to sell. Because he and his team were so helpful and knowledgeable the first time around, We called Brett and within less then 10 days our home was staged and listed...and within 5 more it was sold. The entire process was positive and seamless and we could not have been happier with the result. We’d definitely recommend Brad and his team to anyone looking to buy or sell.

- Lynn B.